Investing in AI: Lessons from Silicon Valley VCs

As part of the regular speaker series at South Park Commons, Andreessen Horowitz’s Martin Casado, Felicis Ventures’ Aydin Senkut, Y Combinator’s Daniel Gross and Basis Set Ventures’ Lan Xuezhao gathered in April to chat about their strategies around investing in AI companies. From their evaluation criteria for AI startups to their short-term and long-term outlooks for

The Information

As a Marketing Manager at The Information, I work to refine the brand voice and write marketing messaging across site, e-mail, videos, and social media. Here are some examples of my copywriting work: 1. Subscription Landing Page  For this project, I worked closely with the product team to highlight The Information’s different subscription tiers as

The Voyeur’s Fate

Dear Diary: It was late July and humid. We were on the roof of his apartment building in Alphabet City, drinking beer and listening to a Spotify playlist he had made for me. The sun started to fall, creating shadows against the concrete. It couldn’t have been more than our fourth or fifth date. Looking

Meet the women behind The Player’s Tribune, the media company disrupting sports journalism

In the oversaturated realm of sports journalism, The Player’s Tribune is a standout. In lieu of outsider sports coverage and analysis, the Player’s Tribune — which was founded by Derek Jeter — is curated and controlled by professional athletes, providing a unique perspective into the daily sports conversation. In fact, thousands of athletes have published